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    Logiudice Forni has been manufacturing deck ovens, rotary ovens, and professional mixers for bakeries and pastry shops for over 50 years. The production and sales facility is located entirely within Italy in order to safeguard and constantly maintain the distinctive characteristics of the made in Italy tradition over time.

    The company promotes the continuous innovation of its products by skilfully combining industrial technology with a craftsman-like tradition.

    Another fine example of this combination of skill, technology and craftsmanship is to be found in their range of mixers.

    The IRIS - 100 is a 100kg of dough/65kg of flour Spiral Mixer.

    A Fixed bowl spiral mixer, built with respect to the latest standard of design. Its characteristics are: very thick steel structure, 2 motors with 2 speeds, double transmission,electromechanical or digital control panel, temperature probe, solid lid in ABS or stainless steel grid over the bowl. Mounted on wheels.

    As agents for Logiudice Forni we have access to the full range of Spiral mixer with dough handling capability from 30kg to 300kg. Also available are the full range of artisan deck ovens and rack ovens.

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