Rack Ovens

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Logiudice Forni promotes continuous innovation of its products, expertly combining industrial technology and craftsmanlike tradition. Efficiency, inexpensiveness and ease of use combined with experience in the ancient wisdom of the art baking make their products unique. Different configurations are available ranging from a Fox 10 tray mini rack oven to the large baking chamber of the Atlantis. 

Ovens are available in gas, electric or the more increasingly popular wood pellet versions.

The range is ideal for both small scale and large scale production set-ups, with the option for ovens to be installed singular, symmetrically and in groups and with the added advantage of specialist accessories to suit facilities opting for several ovens.  

Suitable for any type of bread and pastry products. With a low energy consumption and user friendly function, this oven is perfectly suitable for a range of bakeries.

  • Baking chamber, door and front in stainless steel
  • Steel external side panels as standard
  • Cascade steam generator for a large steam produc on
  • Separate control for baking, steaming me and temperature
  • Rack top hooking functioning with choices of gas or diesel burners as well as electric
  • Combus on chamber or resistances on the rear part of the oven 


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